Laurin (English version)

Viracocha Laurin, the curious:

(born: 2002, father: Nacho, mother: Loretta)

While it is not necessary to poke one’s nostrils into what’s not their business … it can be good fun all the same!
Every now and then even the most enthusiastic alpaca owner can fall ill. In Ingo’s case, this is a mid-sized desaster and as on one such occasion he was feeling too poorly to even visit the stable, the done thing is to have a visit by Laurin in return: “if the master can’t come to the alpaca, the alpaca must come to the master”.
So my dear friend, ask yourself this question: should it bother an alpaca stud to enter his owner’s habitual surroundings, climb the stairs leading into the house, elegantly make his way down the hall, have a glimpse at the fish tank (… thereby following W.C. Field’s recommendation NOT to drink water, especially if it comes from a fish tank, good boy, clever alpaca!), cross the lounge with the large panorama windows, decorated with leafy leafy leafy potted plants – AND resisting to taste them –finally reaching his master’s sick-bed?
On the contrary my dear friend, quite the contrary. Broadening one’s horizons they call it – even amongst alpaca people. Checking the windows is one thing as a pretty reliable weather forecast may be needed for the long winding journey home - but smelling Ingo’s old socks is certainly a different experience alltogether and is interpreted as a clear sign of love! To tell you the truth: we never expected Laurin to pay a repeat-visit after this what must have been a rather traumatising attack on his sense of smell, but he out-performed himself and surprised us again by stopped by to have a peep at the Christmas tree.

Good on him, well done Laurin! We all know as well as he does what to expect from a stud and we do hope that smelling the old socks will not interfere with his having fun with the ladies.

While Laurin is busy juggling his free time between visiting sick owners, Christmas trees and lady-alpacas and having a good time at doing his job with the latter, please do book an appointment for a visit as Laurin can “Never say No” and we need to manage his time. And his energy!

Several times Laurin proved his qualities at shows:

Gallinchen 2003: 2. Platz in Schönheit und Reserve Champion

Kempten 2003: 1. Platz Schönheit und Reserve Champion

Zams (Österreich) 2003: 1. Platz Schönheit und Best of Show

1. Platz Vlieswettbewerb

2. Platz in Composite ( Schönheit + Vliesbewertung )

Dasing 2004: 1. Platz Schönheit geschoren

3. Platz Vliesbewertung

1. Platz Composite ( Schönheit + Vlies )

3. Platz Sportwettbewerb

3. Platz Kombination ( Schönheit + Sport )

Wertingen 2005 3. Platz Schönheit

Gallinchen 2005 2. Platz Schönheit

3. Platz Hindernis für Fortgeschrittene

1. Platz Kombination Sport und Schönheit

Miesbach 2006 2. Platz Schönheit